Vitaly – Available Exclusively at FeeLit

Vitaly – Available Exclusively at FeeLit


Vitaly – Designed with our friends in mind.


Vitaly is an androgynous line of jewelry, artfully crafted from combinations of exotic woods, industrial-grade ceramic, and sophisticated metals including brass, copper, gold, rose gold, silver, and stainless steel. The collections consist of single, double and three finger rings, and pendants. The pieces are designed to stand out while remaining simple and tasteful, allowing them to fit the many faces of everyday fashion.


“We are the iPod generation. We love to make a statement, but have nothing to prove. We are the guy or girl at the party who you want to know, and we want to know you too. We dress well, but don’t show off. We are leaders. We are early adopters. We are creative and we are risk-takers. We are dancers, athletes, executives, musicians, pilots, stockbrokers, artists… we are the many faces of fashion.”


Vitaly was born in the small village of Ubud, located in central Bali, Indonesia. Creator, Shane Vitaly Foran, decided to put his life on hold for three months to experience a needed change of pace and infusion of culture. He picked up and flew to South-East Asia. After six weeks of unplanned travel, he landed in Ubud and couldn’t leave. Shane stayed in this small haven for artists from around the globe for over three weeks – much longer than the two days he had planned.

Contrary to Shane’s extrovert personality, he spent those three weeks in a state of introverted reflection. Entranced by the beauty of the village, he was inspired to pursue something new – fashion. After coming up with a few simple designs, Shane received an overwhelmingly enthusiastic response to his tweets and Facebook posts. He then decided to take a risk: Shane invested the last $3,000 he had on his student credit line to create Vitaly.

Since April of 2012, Shane and business partner Jason Readman have been working on Vitaly full-time.

Vitaly continues to release new designs, works with sustainable woods, and maintains a strong relationship with all those who have helped make it possible.

Clocks and Colours Collection 2013 – Available Exclusively at FeeLit

Freunde – White Ceramic / Gold (Polished)
Size 7.25//6.25 – $130

Freunde – Black Ceramic / Stainless Steel (Polished)
Size 7.25//6.25 or 11.5//9.5 – $130

Freunde – White Ceramic / Rose Gold (Polished)
Size 11.5//9.5 – $130

Amici – Black Ceramic / Stainless Steel (Sandblasted)
Size 11 – $110

Amici – White Ceramic / Rose Gold (Polished)
Size 10 – $110

Amici – White Ceramic / Gold (Polished)
Size 8 – $110



The ‘Friends’ Collection is meant to be explorative… clean… lacking boundaries while retaining poise. The collection is made to fit the many faces of fashion, and is a tribute to the people who help us find balance amidst the chaos, opening the doors to our future.

Amici – Sono(Brown) Wood / Brass
Sizes 9.5, 10.5, 11.5 – $80

Amici – Sono(Brown) Wood / Stainless Steel
Sizes 9.5, 10.5, 11.5 – $80

Amis – Ebony(Black) Wood / Brass
Sizes 8/7/6.5, 11.5/11/10 – $70

Freunde – Sono(Brown) Wood / Brass
Sizes 7.25/6.25, 11.5/9.5 – $90

Freunde – Sono(Brown) Wood / Stainless Steel
Sizes 7.25/6.25, 11.5/9.5 – $90

House – Areng(Black) Wood / Silver
Size 73cm Chain – $80

House – Sono(Brown) Wood / Brass
Size 73cm Chain – $70

Venner – Areng(Black) Wood / Stainless Steel
Sizes 11.5/9.5, 12.5/11.5 – $80

Venner – Areng(Black) Wood / Brass
Sizes 11.5/9.5, 12.5/11.5 – $80

Markalan - Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Markalan moved to Pacific Beach in 1994. During his first four years in San Diego, he worked as a photographer for the United States Navy. Over the past decade, he's been behind the bar or turntables in many of San Diego's nightclubs, and venues. He's shared his musical selections with Southern & Baja California, and the Mayan Riviera. During these years, he could be found exchanging his time for vinyl at Groove Records and Siesta Records. 

He often worked for trade, to support his vinyl addiction. He currently owns over 8,000 records. "Listening to my father's albums is when it all began. Flipping through the stacks, cleaning off the LP, placing the needle on the record, reading the lyrics, studying the artwork, and enjoying the rich analog sound. Sure, there are occasional pops & you might have to clean the record. You actually have to flip the record at the end of the side. It's not a play list or program on shuffle. You are present, involved, and engaged in the listening process. 
Please Keep Vinyl Alive & Support Local Artists!" 

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