Rob Piper’s Artist Reception + iPod Donation Drive Kick-Off

Rob Piper’s Artist Reception + iPod Donation Drive Kick-Off

Gallery Opening/Artist Reception Friday, October 18th 6-10PM

San Diego Artist – Rob Piper

Bio: “The seeds of my creative growth initially sprouted around the age of 2 when given my first sketchbook. From there my skills flourished with the help from my nurturing family tree full of artists and designers who have helped to cultivate my creative talents.

In addition to my familial artistic nourishment, San Diego State University has also helped to fertilize a strong foundation of creative skills and conceptual insight for me to grow out of. Receiving two degrees in Graphic Design and Psychology, allows me to weave together my artistic passion with my drive to help and inspire people. I interlace both stems into whatever project or job I work on, and hope to eventually infuse them into one of my future goals, to become an art therapist. Until then I continue to create or fabricate a plethora of different art and design freelance jobs. Ranging from glass blowing to graphic design and painting to programming, I endeavor to soak up the full spectrum of the arts to feed my passion in life and grow change within my community.

Germinated from my artistic ancestral roots, and fanning out into a diverse canopy of creative freelance art jobs, personal expression, and community volunteer work; art is intertwined around every branch of my life. Without art in my life I would wither and wilt, but with it I continue to grow and bloom in my creative career.”

Artist Statement: “Art and psychology have always been my two passions in life! Although these majors appear to be on opposite sides of the scholastic spectrum, I have found that focusing specifically on the psychology of how we visually perceive the world acts as a unifying prism that blends these seemingly divergent subjects into one bright career path.

In many ways art is like a visual language, it has the communicative power to universally connect, direct, inspire, entice, emote, promote and much more. Every form of art has a different voice, tone, and visual grammar, which is why I have tried to learn as many art forms as possible. Everything from murals to mosaics, aerosol to airbrush, glassblowing to ceramics, painting to printing, and drawing to digital designs I can and love to do it all!

When I am not drafting graphics for clients I am performing live painting at bars, galleries, and festivals. I have recently graduated with honors from San Diego State University, where I received two degrees in Graphic Design and Psychology. Understanding the linkage in my dual degrees is key to recognizing that I am equally as proficient in rendering to create unique design solutions as I am in understanding the visual perception and cognitive interpretation of an image. As a result I utilize my knowledge of how the brain works to integrate conscious captivating concepts into my creative process.”

Favorite Materials: Airbrush, Acrylic, Oil, Charcoal, Watercolor, Pen and Ink, Spray Paint, and Screen Printing.

Instagram: @piperdesigns

Music & Memory iPod Donation Drive
October 18th – November 29th 2013.

– FeeLit will accept gently used iPods. We’re most interested in collecting iPod shuffles, but any well cared for iPod will be greatly appreciated.

– All donated iPods will be wiped clean of any music or files, and reset to factory settings. Please keep your headphones for your other devices. We do appreciate getting iPod connector cords.

– You may also purchase an iPod through Apple, Best Buy or Radio Shack to donate directly to Music & Memory. Using this Apple link, donors will save 7%. Shipping is free.

– Donate an iTunes gift card. These start at $15 and make a very affordable contribution.

– Piper will also be selling a select series of pieces and donating the proceeds to Music & Memory.

Please take a moment to view Henry’s Story:

Music & Memory is a non-profit organization that brings personalized music into the lives of the elderly or infirm through digital music technology, vastly improving quality of life.

“We train nursing home staff and other elder care professionals, as well as family caregivers, how to create and provide personalized playlists using iPods and related digital audio systems that enable those struggling with Alzheimer’s, dementia and other cognitive and physical challenges to reconnect with the world through music-triggered memories. By providing access and education, and by creating a network of certified Music & Memory elder care facilities, we aim to make this form of personalized therapeutic music a standard of care throughout the health care industry.”

“As we all know from hearing that song associated with a first love or leaving home for good, music is profoundly linked to personal memories.

In fact, our brains are hard-wired to connect music with long-term memory.

Even for persons with severe dementia, music can tap deep emotional recall. For individuals suffering from Alzheimer’s, memory for things—names, places, facts—is compromised, but memories from our teenage years can be well-preserved.

Favorite music or songs associated with important personal events can trigger memory of lyrics and the experience connected to the music. Beloved music often calms chaotic brain activity and enables the listener to focus on the present moment and regain a connection to others.

Persons with dementia, Parkinson’s and other diseases that damage brain chemistry also reconnect to the world and gain improved quality of life from listening to personal music favorites.”

“If music is such an important aspect of people’s lives from the time they are born, why is it that it doesn’t really occur to us, as a society, to provide people with music when they can no longer do what is necessary to provide it for themselves?”

Lemon Grove Personalized Music Program

There’s a national campaign to reduce the unnecessary use of antipsychotic medication in skilled nursing centers and Lemon Grove Care & Rehabilitation Center near San Diego is creating personalized music playlists for residents to help them relax without the use of medication. So far more than 50 residents have been able to create their own playlists and listen to their favorite music on ipods.

This is a virtual tour of Lemon Grove Care & Rehab. Lemon Grove Care & Rehab is a skilled nursing facility that specializes in rehabilitation services like, physical therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy. It is located in Lemon Grove, CA.

Therapeutic Benefits of Personalized Music:

– Finally, a way to give pleasure to persons with advanced dementia.
– Offers an enjoyable, fulfilling activity for persons in dialysis, on vent or bed-bound.
– Increases cooperation and attention, reduces resistance to care—a real boost for staff morale.
– Reduces agitation and sundowning.
– Enhances engagement and socialization, fostering a calmer social environment.
– Provides a valuable tool for the effort to reduce reliance on anti-psychotic medications.

Please visit their site to learn more at

facebook event page:

Markalan - Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Markalan moved to Pacific Beach in 1994. During his first four years in San Diego, he worked as a photographer for the United States Navy. Over the past decade, he's been behind the bar or turntables in many of San Diego's nightclubs, and venues. He's shared his musical selections with Southern & Baja California, and the Mayan Riviera. During these years, he could be found exchanging his time for vinyl at Groove Records and Siesta Records. 

He often worked for trade, to support his vinyl addiction. He currently owns over 8,000 records. "Listening to my father's albums is when it all began. Flipping through the stacks, cleaning off the LP, placing the needle on the record, reading the lyrics, studying the artwork, and enjoying the rich analog sound. Sure, there are occasional pops & you might have to clean the record. You actually have to flip the record at the end of the side. It's not a play list or program on shuffle. You are present, involved, and engaged in the listening process. 
Please Keep Vinyl Alive & Support Local Artists!" 

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