Shaturanga The Anti-Science Fiction Fantasy

Shaturanga The Anti-Science Fiction Fantasy

Shaturanga: The Story of Onus

Long Beach, Calif., June 19, 2004 —- “Shaturanga” a genre bending post-apocalyptic fantasy novel by author Brian Snelson, aims for a seat next to the great storytellers of our time.

Shaturanga is set far in the future after the earth has succumbed to a new ice age. The oceans are gone, wiped out by an ancient cataclysm of unknown origin, leaving mankind to start over from scratch. New and unusual civilizations have risen, each with its own version of the past. A prophecy is about to unfold as Assha, a pregnant seventeen-year-old pagan, sets out against insurmountable odds to bring her child to the throne of a self-righteous domed city empire known as Shaturanga.
This was the Kingdom of Ravens, the most pious civilization to rise from the ashes of the great conflagration. Assha had more to fear than most. She was pregnant in violation of the Bishop’s Overpopulation Proclamation.

Assha must find the protector promised by the “Gods” before the Bishop’s men find her. Will he believe in the prophecy once found? Will he commit the ultimate sacrifice for a people not of his kind? Follow Assha and her ragtag tribe of “Dregs” across what was once Earth’s ocean floor, where it’s man against man for the greater good of humanity.

Brian Snelson has always seen the world in a different way than most people he’s met. Brian was asked by his good friend once, while at his house overlooking a wealthy Southern California suburb, what he saw sprawling below. “A desert,” was Brian’s reply. He was not trying to be sarcastic. Brian really did see a wasteland through all that material wealth. This ability to see the hidden truth is what drove him to write Shaturanga.

The book is simply, to him, a medium to reveal to us our underlying humanity.

During completion of the book, Snelson began studying ancient myth scholar, Joseph Campbell’s “The Hero with a Thousand Faces,” and discovered that Campbell’s work directly influenced the creators of two of his favorite movies, George Lucas (Star Wars) and George Miller (The Road Warrior). He knew he had some big shoes to fill. Heavy Metal was another big influence, and is the impetus behind his desire to see Shaturanga as an animated feature film.

“What storybook heroes have always tried to do is teach us not to save the world, but to save ourselves,” Snelson says, “and that by doing so we indeed save the world.”

Snelson considers his novel to be a maverick of the science fiction and fantasy genre, for rather than going where no one has gone before, Shaturanga takes us back to our misty origins. And rather than asking what if, Shaturanga illustrates what really is, has always been, and continues to be.

The New Mythology from the New Millennium
“Shaturanga” by Brian Snelson

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Shaturanga: The Story of Onus

Young Adult Fiction / Science Fiction, Fantasy
Trade Paperback/Hardcover
Price: $16.95
Size: 6 x 9
Author: Brian Snelson

With illustrations by: Rodney Sellars

Edited by: Hartbright Editorial Services,
Sweetwater, TN

ISBN: 0-595-29569-X
244 Pages

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