New Arrivals – Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Gama-Go & More

New Arrivals – Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Gama-Go & More

Fresh Collectibles at FeeLit

LUCHA LIBRE TPB VOL. 1 Cover Price $15

This TPB collects the first complete stories chronicling the wild adventures of the LUCHADORES FIVE, TEQUILA, and TIKITIS as originally published in LUCHA LIBRE comics #1-5. Also includes bonus behind the scenes artwork. It’s the perfect way to sample the hilarious mix of superheroes and masked wrestling that received a 2008 Eisner Award nomination!

160 pages. Full Color. Perfect Bound. Cardstock Cover.


Raised by cacti in the deserts of Mexico, Tequila used to be a beast in the wrestling ring. These days, Tequila happily argues with his loving wife and his trailer park neighbors. That will soon change now that his old enemies have returned for revenge! Also included are the continuing adventures of the Luchadores 5, Professor Furia and Luchadoritos. 48 pages. Full Color. Perfect Bound. Cardstock Cover.


The Tikitis thought spending their retirement on a Polynesian island was a good idea. Someone should have told them about the voodoo zombies and ferocious savages that inhabit their tropical paradise! Tequila’s married life gets rockier with the arrival of the Pom Pom Ninjas, El Panda and Paquito Furioso. Plus: plenty of comic mischief in “Luchadoritos” and “Professor Furia.”

48 pages. Full Color. Perfect Bound. Cardstock Cover.


It’s 64 pages of LUCHA LIBRE madness! The Luchadoritos vs. small town boredom! The Tikitis vs. Voodoo Zombies! Tequila vs. El Panda and the Pom Pom Ninjas! The Luchadores 5 vs. Greasers from the Black Lagoon! Profesor Furia vs. his pathetic life! The baddest four-color battles to grace a paneled page – plus the secret origin of Dr. Destruction’s Formidables!

64 pages. Full Color. Perfect Bound. Cardstock Cover.


Diablo Loco’s missing. The Luchadores 5 hit Huntington Beach to find him. Can they deny their lust for bikini-clad ladies to save their masked comrade? Plus: Tequila battles Bigfoot, the Tikitis take on a mad scientist, Profesor Furia passes gas and we discover our heroes’ traumatic childhoods in Los Triplicados.

56 pages. Full Color. Perfect Bound. Cardstock Cover.


Professor Furia, that vile, stinky, disgusting excuse for a human has forced us to publish a 10-page Furia story. Prepare to have your eyeballs violated! We also discover Poquito Furiosio’s younger days as a dancing disco king. And the Luchadores Five find themselves in the midst of a battle between the Surf Crew and Surf Creatures!

56 pages. Full Color. Perfect Bound. Cardstock Cover.

Mini Gobi Original $10 each

4 inches tall. Vinyl.

Sticker Robot vs Shepard Fairey: Defend Equality Sticker Pack
Love Unites
10 stickers per pack – $10 per pack or $1 each

During the Obama campaign, Shepard Fairey and Sticker Robot worked together to print and disseminate over 500,000 of the iconic Obama Hope stickers, almost all of which were given away to volunteers and canvassers across the country. They have continued and will continue to work together on other socially conscious sticker projects. Stickers are printed on the front and back and measure 4″ x 6″.


“Part of the SCARY MONEY Series by FOOX, the BUDDHA BUCKS WALLET is based upon a painting titled same. The wallet is hand made in Brooklyn NY from recycled artist canvas and comes packaged inside this cute canvas art piece (which serves as an extra pouch once the wallet has been removed from packaging). It’s also kinda fun to open the package by pulling the draw string and pulling out Happy Buddha!

My homey and friend Michael K Williams (otherwise known as Chalky White on HBO’s original show “Boardwalk Empire”) rocks the BUDDHA BUCKS WALLET.

Give a little love to your money so it can give you some back! Rub the belly and bring good fortune to yourself and others!”

Gama-Go Deathbot Deathtective Wooden Toy $20

A limited chase edition of Gama-Go’s Deathbot as a Deathtective in a retro style wooden toy. Packaged in a collector friendly window box. Produced and manufactured by Ningyoushi. measurements: 5.5 inches tall

Please note that due to their limited nature these come in the Deathbot Undertaker box.

Gama-Go’s Deathbot Lederhosen $20

It’s time to get ready for Oktoberfest!  This limited edition Gama-Go Deathbot is sporting some cool lederhosen and knocking on back beer stein in hand.  Measuring 5 inches tall and packaged in a collector friendly window box.
measurements: 5.5 inches tall

PAYDAY by Nate Van Dyke (Color Version)

It’s time to get paid! Chimps don’t want bananas anymore, they want cold hard green cash! San Francisco illustrator and artist transforms his hard-lined chimps into a bad-ass, bank-robbin’, vinyl figure! Equipped with a gun, money bag and removable walrus mask to throw off the scared humans.

Limited to 500 pieces and packaged with a mini comic book. Measures 5.5 inches tall. 

Produced and manufactured by Ningyoushi in association with Upper Playground.  

About Nate Van Dyke:
Nate (N8) Van Dyke is a prolific artist and illustrator who began drawing at the age of two and has yet to stop. N8’s medium of choice ranges from: pencil, ink, marker, watercolor, gauche, acrylic and oils. Regardless of what medium N8 picks up, his signature style can be seen in the contrast of his thin and thick lines in his pen and ink work and the high sheen contrast in his mixed media pieces.

Germusu Single Celled Pouches $6 each

Germusu are mini storage microbial pouches. They are made of plush and have zipper mouths that open up to store your stuff in their bellies, unless they throw up of course.

Germusu are about 4 inches long, big enough to store loose change, candy, keys, flash drives, headphones, money, all sorts of things! Eri (the red one) is 5 inches, big enough for credit cards and metro cards.

Pictured from top to bottom: Gou, Zoa, Achu, Coli, & Eri.

Baby Monk $12

Introducing the latest member of the House of Liu Series – Baby Monk. 3″ tall. Comes with beaded necklace.

Seamour Sheep Vinyl $55

6″ tall. Edition of 600. Removable goggles.


Ever wonder where canned ham comes from and noticed that a regular sized pig won’t fit in a can? Animation director, Crystal Chesney-Thompson has condensed the cuteness of several ham-related animals; hamster, guinea pig and regular pig, to create HAMINAL, the ultra cute ham-animal. He’s smaller, tastier, boneless and conveniently can shaped!  

Crystal’s first run Haminal plushes in original paperboard cans sold out at Comic Con two years in a row. She is now launching the second edition Haminal. This adorable pink plush comes in a plastic stackable can, with updated fun recipes, nutritional facts and more. 4″ tall.

Slimeball Sqwerts by MAD $25

Green limited to 500. Brown limited to 250.

Brian Morris Sqwerts $25

White limited to 500. Gold limited to 250.

Count Monkula $22

Watch out!  Atomic Monkey’s popular character Franken Monkey has found a new friend to play with… Count Monkula.  This little 4″ collectible resin comes complete with a little batty friend and makes a great addition to the on going line of Monster Monkey figures. 
Keep an eye out for new colorways of this bloodsucker.  Each version is limited to just 500 pieces and is highly collectible. 
Brown Edition 500 pieces.

BANKSY: Locations & Tours
A Collection of Graffiti Locations and Photographs in London, England
by Martin Bull $20

When it comes to art, London is best known for its galleries, not its graffiti. However, not if photographer Martin Bull has anything to say about it. While newspapers and magazines the world over send their critics to review the latest Damien Hirst show at the Tate Modern, Bull, in turn, is out taking photos of the latest street installations by guerilla art icon Banksy. In three guided tours, Martin Bull documents sixty-five London sites where one can see some of the most important works by the legendary political artist. Boasting over 100 color photos, Banksy Locations and Tours also includes graffiti by many of Banksy’s peers, including Eine, Faile, El Chivo, Arofish, Cept, Space Invader, Blek Le Rat, D*face, and Shepherd Fairey. The US edition has locations updated, plus 25 additional photos. 

176 pages.

Markalan - Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Markalan moved to Pacific Beach in 1994. During his first four years in San Diego, he worked as a photographer for the United States Navy. Over the past decade, he's been behind the bar or turntables in many of San Diego's nightclubs, and venues. He's shared his musical selections with Southern & Baja California, and the Mayan Riviera. During these years, he could be found exchanging his time for vinyl at Groove Records and Siesta Records. 

He often worked for trade, to support his vinyl addiction. He currently owns over 8,000 records. "Listening to my father's albums is when it all began. Flipping through the stacks, cleaning off the LP, placing the needle on the record, reading the lyrics, studying the artwork, and enjoying the rich analog sound. Sure, there are occasional pops & you might have to clean the record. You actually have to flip the record at the end of the side. It's not a play list or program on shuffle. You are present, involved, and engaged in the listening process. 
Please Keep Vinyl Alive & Support Local Artists!" 

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