Limited Edition Collectible Vinyl & Plush Art Toys at FeeLit

Limited Edition Collectible Vinyl & Plush Art Toys at FeeLit

Vinyl & Plush Art Toys

Aquapods by Kika

Designed by Switzerland based artist Kika from Madcap.  Each 12″ tall plush comes individually bagged in clear plastic with hanging loop. 3 Styles: Belli (purple hair), Verda (green hair), and Sable (orange hair) pictured left to right.

$30 each


Figures come as a set in one box. Chaz: 4.5″  Daz: 6″

Features moveable arms, legs, and head!  Artist-designed box.

$60 each

Motomichi Nakamura was born in Tokyo, Japan. After graduating from Parsons School of Design in New York he moved to Ecuador where he started working as an artist. He returned to the U.S. in 2000 and currently lives and works in Brooklyn. His digital animation work has been exhibited at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in NYC and has appeared in the Sundance and the Onedotzero film festivals. He has performed his live video/animation mix at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC and at other recognized venues in the U.S. and Europe. Recent collaboration work includes music videos with Swedish band “The Knife” and with Otto von Schirach. Chaz & Daz are his first vinyl toy release.


Approx. 9″ tall vinyl limited to 400 pieces. Axes shown are not included with yellow version.

$36 each


Inspired by the 1966 classic novel Valley of the Dolls by Jacqueline Susann. In that commentary on the strains and stress of society and people’s drive and need for success, the three heroines find themselves caught up in their ambition and their need to off-set the consequences with prescription drugs. This Dolly wants to inspire based on what your needs are. Dolly doesn’t want to be pigeon holed into one thing, but instead leaves it to the eye of the beholder. Ultimately, Dolly wants to keep our hope alive. Because without hopes and dreams, what more can this so-called life be?

So let your aches, pains and struggles be soothed by your friend Dolly. Take two Dollys and call Medfed in the morning!

A collaboration between Medfed and Wheaty Wheat Studios. 8″ tall.

$60 each

gini-gini plush of DreamForest Series 1

Straight out of DreaminWorld, ready to poke around in your dreams, DreamForest gini-gini are here! The ultimate cushy toy, as big as a pillow, is designed by Ru Sun, founder of Blackpeach and creator of DreaminGirl $ DreaminWorld. gini-gini are huggable but moody and friendly to all ages.

Limited to 500 of each of the four colors, Blue, Pink, Green and Yellow.

A whopping 15″ x  9″

$25 each


Kaching has done it again with this beautiful highly detailed 12″ vinyl piece sculpted by VIN TENG.  Guan Yu is “one of the best known Chinese historical figures throughout East Asia… found in the historical novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” which other than the Bible is one of the worlds best selling books of all time.  This Classic Green edition comes in an amazing special collectors edition box. (Base not included.)

$100 each

Hoots Keychains

From Kii Arens: “I love owls like many people do… obsessed is a better word. I was given the opportunity to make a set of keychains and damn if I didn’t choose the almighty owl as my main design. I was surprised to find out that the owl shape can be used in many ways.  One of my Hoots became a fish eating a penguin… nutty huh?

I’m working on a set of prints that will feature some of my unseen owl designs.”

$3 each

About the Artist:

Kii Arens is a Pop-Art Designer with a bent towards Rock-N-Roll. Never formally trained, this St. Paul, Minnesota native grew up with a fascination for album covers, band logos, and font styles. He credits Saturday mornings in the ’70’s spent watching Sid and Marty Krofft as his main inspirations for color. As a graphic designer/photographer, Kii has designed CD packages for various local and national artists.

His design career really started as the designer for Woodstock 94 and it took off from there. Kii’s fine art career began at the Minnesota State Fair just a few years ago. His search for a corn dog turned into one of life’s happy accidents as it led him to discover the Spin-O-Paint booth. He was inspired to create an oil painting of a SPIN-ART painting in a paint by numbers fashion. His first SPIN-ART piece entitled ‘La-La Land’ became the album cover for Cheap Tricks’ release entitled ‘Special One’.

At the time of his 2002 debut show at the Flatland Gallery in Minneapolis, The StarTribune published an article in which “La-La Land” was inadvertently printed sideways. This accident led to the creation of the character, “La-La” which has since been recreated in many forms including a limited edition vinyl toy. In 2004, Arens moved to Los Angeles to open a gallery appropriately called La-La Land.

He’s photographed and designed CD’s for Dolly Parton, Eagles of Death Metal & Glen Campbell.

Kii is curated and designed the 2009 season of posters for concerts at The Hollywood Bowl.


Designed and sculpted by Ramirez from Suspect Toys. Each piece is approx 4 inches and comes on a very impressive die cut backing card designed by Ramirez and Nathan Cabrera. Only 450 were produced.

$32 each


Over 6″ tall vinyl in three styles AXL (blue), RAJ (orange), TRAN (green).

$35 each


Devil Robots x Meltdown Comics. 8 inch tall vinyl.

$40 each


New wacky plush from Kaiju Bento! Watch out for your refrigerator – this little bunny hunts for one thing, PICKLES!  Size 7.5″ x 7″

$15 each


Each SOWHAT figure is 4.5 inches tall made of PVC and comes in a nice die-cut box. Designed by Mark Chang & Produced by Phalanx Creative.

Robot (Edition 1000)

$15 each

The Galaxy Bunch 3″ Virus Series

9 different 3″ minis in Michael Kwong’s Galaxy Bunch Virus Series. Each piece packed on a blister card and comes with a copper chain.

1500 of each produced however only 500 sets made their way to the US.

$12 each


A mischievous devil – “VIL THE DEVIL” is a character from Furi Furi’s Girls Power Manifesto series.  The black flocked VIL is the first version to be released.

Approx. 5″ tall. Comes in window box and includes VIL’s magical trident.

$35 each

WAGAMO from Kaiju Bento

Inspired by Japanese culture, Dr. Spagh is an evil professor who wants to conquer the world with his creatures. Now, the first monster is ready to conquer your home town!  WAGAMO is a five-inch vinyl monster and there are two colorways – green and black – limited to 500 pieces each. Comes bagged with header card. Designed by Jean-Marie Sauve.

$20 each

Markalan - Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Markalan moved to Pacific Beach in 1994. During his first four years in San Diego, he worked as a photographer for the United States Navy. Over the past decade, he's been behind the bar or turntables in many of San Diego's nightclubs, and venues. He's shared his musical selections with Southern & Baja California, and the Mayan Riviera. During these years, he could be found exchanging his time for vinyl at Groove Records and Siesta Records. 

He often worked for trade, to support his vinyl addiction. He currently owns over 8,000 records. "Listening to my father's albums is when it all began. Flipping through the stacks, cleaning off the LP, placing the needle on the record, reading the lyrics, studying the artwork, and enjoying the rich analog sound. Sure, there are occasional pops & you might have to clean the record. You actually have to flip the record at the end of the side. It's not a play list or program on shuffle. You are present, involved, and engaged in the listening process. 
Please Keep Vinyl Alive & Support Local Artists!" 

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