Gruv-Glide gives your collection & listeners some love!

Gruv-Glide gives your collection & listeners some love!


Gruv-Glide is a dry record treatment that actually enhances the sound of your records. In the past, even the highest quality cartridge could not truly access all the sonic nuances of a vinyl disc. Gruv-Glide changes all that by cleaning the groove and bringing out the best possible sound. The special aerosol formula provides a microscopic layer of lubrication that reduces record wear and prevents static build-up. Designed to last, Gruv-Glide comes in a kit with spray, two pads and a static tester. Experience the record treatment that pro DJs everywhere turn to.


Superior dry record treatment 

Removes static 

Cleans vinyl 

Enhances fidelity 

Reduces surface noise 

Long lasting 

Extends the lives of cartridges and records 

One can treats 300 sides

Each GRUV-GLIDE kit contains one 4.5 oz aerosol treatment, two specialized applicator pads, directions and our famous static tester (a foam pellet).
Many of our customers have also been using Genuine GRUV-GLIDE on their CD’s (compact discs) to completely zap away static and make them sound better. GRUV-GLIDE is safe on all your CD’s

GRUV-GLIDE is a record treatment that makes records sound better, removes static, cleans and extends record and stylus life. GRUV-GLIDE is easy to use and very economical.

GRUV-GLIDE does not change, alter, or attack your precious vinyl records, unlike some other treatments. GRUV-GLIDE is dispensed from an easy-to-use aerosol, but actually goes on dry. GRUV-GLIDE is completely water-soluble (you can wash it off it you desire). GRUV-GLIDE actually makes most records sound better by improving tracking (degree of improvement will vary and is record-dependent). Other treatments just clean while GRUV-GLIDE removes static and enhances tracking, too!
IF YOU LIVE IN A DRY, STATIC-PRONE ENVIRONMENT, YOU WILL LOVE GRUV-GLIDE! Remember, static electricity can attract micro particles that will contaminate your record and degrade its sound. GRU-GLIDE REMOVES THE STATIC!

GRUV-GLIDE is 100% safe for all your vinyl records. “Sheffield Labs”, has placed an endorsement for GRUV-GLIDE inside their record sleeves.

GRUV-GLIDE is sprayed onto a special applicator pad in a very quick, short burst. The pad is then quick wiped with the second pad and the initial pad is put on the record. The platter is spun while maintaining light pressure. VERY QUICK AND VERY EASY! HOW TO USE.

You only need to treat each record one time. However, many GRUV-GLIDE customers like to re-treat after many playbacks. This is perfectly acceptable and will not harm the record.

GRUV-GLIDE is a patented formulation that puts down a very uniform dry lubricant with anti-static properties. The molecule is very small and highly specialized. Imagine pushing your finger over a FORMICA countertop (stylus to record). Your finger gets hot and tends to chatter and bounce, not maintaining full contact. Now imagine spraying the countertop with a dry lubricant (or home cooking spray for demo purposes). Your finger glides effortlessly and maintains absolute full contact. In other words, your stylus does a better job tracking with GRU-GLIDE.

1.One 4.5 oz treatment can
2.Two specialized applicator pads
3.Instructions, including “Make This Test for Yourself”
4.Our famous static tester ( a foam packing pellet)
Stereophile Rec. Component Class B , 10/96; rev. Vol. 9 #8.
Record de-staticizing agent that ST found to give better sound. Apparently doesn’t grunge-up the stylus or leave a film. 
… “I really groove on Gruv Glide. If I sound too high, , though, may be it’s because I’ve been breathing too much of the stuff. What is Gruv-Glide? Irwin’s not saying. it’s some sweet-smelling chemical lubricant, that comes out of a can in a fine, aerosol spray with an odor reminiscent of Marvel Mystery Oil. You spray two brief bursts on a black powder puff, rub that puff against another-I’m just follow in Irwin’s instructions- then buff one side of your record. A little goes a long way. What it does, superbly, is clean and destaicize your record. And make it sound better. The sonic difference is more dramatic than with Last, which is a different sort of product, Gruv-Glide makes no claim to being a record preservative. The stuff does seem to lubricate the record, but when used as applied, it doen’t leave any icky film or grudge up the stylus. I love it.” -Stereophile , Vol.9 #8, December, 1986, p.41

Audio Gram #17 January, 1982
”Our ears tell us this product is a smashing success GRUV GLIDE geometrically evaluates some disks and systems to near perfection the listener is transported 20 rows forward into the lap of luxury.”

La Nouvelle Revue Du Son – May, 1982 France
”This product is not ‘bait’ (deceptively attractive), but truly brings a surfeit of auditory qualities while cleaning away dust and static charges.” (Translated from the French) 

Australian Hi-Fi – April, 1984
”A most impressive performance.”

BMC Testing Labs, San Carlos, CA
”You can really hear the difference one application makes”

Audio-Video International, 1982
”Took the Grand Prix award for its ability to improve stylus tracking of record grooves, clean and de-stat records and help produce demonstrably improves sound from records.” 

Home Entertainment Guide July/August, 1983 Canada
”In treating several sides with this product, I have yet to find one that did not sound significantly better than before.” 

Mofi Records, Australia, 1983
”Initial testing of GRUV-GLIDE showed that it not only cleaned and provided an anti static treatment, but actually improved the fidelity of most of the records, at least in terms of detail, imaging, and ambience.” 

D.B.M. Induced Magnet Systems
”In measuring stylus drag with sensitive turntable torque instruments, I have found a reduction in drag of about 15% after the application of GRUV-GLIDE. 

Audio, November 1982
”GRUV-GLIDE not only lubricates the grooves, but also reduces the static on the record.” 

Fanfare, Nov/Dec 1984
”In all, an excellent product, strongly recommended.”

In House Dj, ReBoot: N.Dr.
”Save time and energy on your next recording project by using Gruv Glide before you even think about dropping the needle.

Genuine GRUV-GLIDE is the original dry record treatment that makes records sound better. GRUV-GLIDE was developed by people who love music and love playing records!
GRUV-GLIDE is a patented and trademarked dry record treatment developed in the late 1970’s by Irwin and Bennett Rowe. a father and son team who owned and operated highly successful high-end audio stores in the Southwest.
Irwin, a famous electrical engineer and superb trumpet player and musician, loved playing records but was generally dissatisfied with the record cleaners and treatments then available.
Some just lined up dust, some attacked the vinyl and altered the record’s molecular structure, and some were costly and difficult to use.

Irwin wanted a record treatment that:






With those qualities in mind, and his extensive aerospace engineering background, Irwin went to work and tried many formulations.

After years of development and extensive testing, GRUV-GLIDE was formulated and patented.

Irwin and Bennett sold the stores and became full-time “GRUV-GLIDERS” in 1981.

GRUV-GLIDE is now used world-wide by record lovers and professional DJ’s

GRUV-GLIDE is made with pride in the USA and your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed!

Markalan - Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio, Markalan moved to Pacific Beach in 1994. During his first four years in San Diego, he worked as a photographer for the United States Navy. Over the past decade, he's been behind the bar or turntables in many of San Diego's nightclubs, and venues. He's shared his musical selections with Southern & Baja California, and the Mayan Riviera. During these years, he could be found exchanging his time for vinyl at Groove Records and Siesta Records. 

He often worked for trade, to support his vinyl addiction. He currently owns over 8,000 records. "Listening to my father's albums is when it all began. Flipping through the stacks, cleaning off the LP, placing the needle on the record, reading the lyrics, studying the artwork, and enjoying the rich analog sound. Sure, there are occasional pops & you might have to clean the record. You actually have to flip the record at the end of the side. It's not a play list or program on shuffle. You are present, involved, and engaged in the listening process. 
Please Keep Vinyl Alive & Support Local Artists!" 

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